Differential Expression
Find differentially expressed genes between custom group of cells across the CELLxGENE data corpus. For additional help and information, read our documentation.

This tool uses Welch's t-test to identify differentially expressed genes between groups of cell in the CELLxGENE Census. While the t-test performs reasonably well on individual datasets [1][2][3], its performance on concatenated, non-integrated datasets has not been extensively evaluated. We recommend using this tool for preliminary investigations and following up with a more robust method for formal analysis. Learn more about our data filtering and normalization here.
Cell Group 1
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Cell Group 2
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  1. Select a cell group of interest within the Cell Group 1 box by using the dropdown selectors.

    To copy the same selection over to Cell Group 2, click the copy button to the right of each dropdown in Cell Group 1.
  2. Within Cell Group 2, select a group that the cell group of interest will be compared to.