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Gene Expression
visualization color scale: interpolateMagma(1.0 - meanExpression)
Expressed in Cells (%)
After filtering cells with low coverage (less than 500 genes expressed), gene counts are normalized independently for each cell by converting counts to quantiles and obtaining the corresponding values from a normal distribution. Then normalized cell vectors are concatenated along the gene axis. The algorithm is summarized in detail in our documentation.
Source Data

    Getting Started

    Visualize and compare the expression of genes across cell types using a dot plot. A dot plot is an effective way of summarizing expression data for genes across cells in categories. It gives an overview of the data by condensing many single cells into a mean expression (color scale) and percentage of cells (circle size) within each cell type that express each gene. Data are sourced from the cellxgene Data Portal data corpus.

    Add Tissues

    Add tissues you are interested in exploring. Cell types included in these tissues will automatically be added to the visualization. Cell types are defined by the annotations of the original authors.

    Add Genes

    Add genes of interest to the visualization.

    Interpret Results

    Darker dots represent higher relative gene expression. The larger the dot, the more cells express that gene.

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