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Transcriptional Programming of Normal and Inflamed Human Epidermis at Single-Cell ResolutionA molecular atlas of the human postmenopausal fallopian tube and ovary from single-cell RNA and ATAC sequencingSingle-Cell Analysis of Crohn’s Disease Lesions Identifies a Pathogenic Cellular Module Associated with Resistance to Anti-TNF TherapyHumoral immunity at the brain borders in homeostasisSingle-cell atlas of peripheral immune response to SARS-CoV-2 infectionMSK SPECTRUM – Ovarian cancer mutational processes drive site-specific immune evasionAn atlas of healthy and injured cell states and niches in the human kidneySingle cell derived mRNA signals across human kidney tumorsMolecular, spatial and projection diversity of neurons in primary motor cortex revealed by in situ single-cell transcriptomicsAn Atlas of Gene Regulatory Elements in Adult Mouse CerebrumA transcriptional cross species map of pancreatic islet cellsA proximal-to-distal survey of healthy adult human small intestine and colon epithelium by single-cell transcriptomicsAn integrated transcriptomic and epigenomic atlas of mouse primary motor cortex cell typesSEA-AD: Seattle Alzheimer’s Disease Brain Cell AtlasEmphysema Cell AtlasMultimodal single cell sequencing implicates chromatin accessibility and genetic background in diabetic kidney disease progressionShared and distinct transcriptomic cell types across neocortical areasMolecular and spatial signatures of mouse brain aging at single-cell resolutionCell Atlas of The Human Fovea and Peripheral RetinaSingle-cell RNA sequencing unifies developmental programs of Esophageal and Gastric Intestinal MetaplasiaSingle-nucleus cross-tissue molecular reference maps to decipher disease gene functionCOVID-19 immune features revealed by a large-scale single-cell transcriptome atlasAzimuth meta-analysis of human scRNA-seq datasetsEvolution of cellular diversity in primary motor cortex of human, marmoset monkey, and mouseA human fetal lung cell atlas uncovers proximal-distal gradients of differentiation and key regulators of epithelial fatesTranscriptomic diversity of cell types across the adult human brainThe integrated Human Lung Cell AtlasSingle-cell Atlas of common variable immunodeficiency shows germinal center-associated epigenetic dysregulation in B-cell responsesSingle-cell transcriptomes from human kidneys reveal the cellular identity of renal tumorsPathogenic variants damage cell composition and single cell transcription in cardiomyopathiesA human cell atlas of fetal gene expressionAcute COVID-19 cohort across a range of WHO categories seen at the Department of Emergency Medicine at MGHCell atlas of the human ocular anterior segment: Tissue-specific and shared cell typesSingle-cell multi-omics analysis of the immune response in COVID-19Type I interferon autoantibodies are associated with systemic immune alterations in patients with COVID-19SARS-CoV-2 receptor ACE2 and TMPRSS2 are primarily expressed in bronchial transient secretory cellsMapping the temporal and spatial dynamics of the human endometrium in vivo and in vitroA Cellular Anatomy of the Normal Adult Human Prostate and Prostatic UrethraAdult mouse cortical cell taxonomy revealed by single cell transcriptomicsTime-resolved Systems Immunology Reveals a Late Juncture Linked to Fatal COVID-19Mapping the developing human immune system across organsSingle cell analysis of mouse and human prostate reveals novel fibroblasts with specialized distribution and microenvironment interactionsDevelopmental trajectories of thalamic nuclei revealed by single-cell transcriptome profiling and Shh perturbationDirect Exposure to SARS-CoV-2 and Cigarette Smoke Increases Infection Severity and Alters the Stem Cell-Derived Airway Repair ResponseHuman cortical expansion involves diversification and specialization of supragranular intratelencephalic-projecting neuronsA single-cell transcriptional roadmap of the mouse and human lymph node lymphatic vasculatureSpatiotemporal immune zonation of the human kidneyInflammatory blockade prevents injury to the developing pulmonary gas exchange surface in preterm primatesSingle-soma transcriptomics of tangle-bearing neurons in Alzheimer’s diseaseLive Human Microglia Single-cell RNA-seqBlood and immune development in human fetal bone marrow and Down syndromeA comprehensive mouse kidney atlas enables rare cell population characterization and robust marker discoveryIntegrated adult and foetal heart single-cell RNA sequencingA single-cell atlas of the healthy breast tissues reveals clinically relevant clusters of breast epithelial cellsHypoMap – a unified single cell gene expression atlas of the murine hypothalamusHigh-resolution single-cell atlas reveals diversity and plasticity of tumor-associated neutrophils in non-small cell lung cancerUrethral luminal epithelia are castration-insensitive cells of the proximal prostateHuman developing neocortex by areaSingle-cell transcriptomics characterization of oligodendrocytes and microglia in white matter agingSingle cell transcriptional and chromatin accessibility profiling redefine cellular heterogeneity in the adult human kidneySingle-Cell, Single-Nucleus, and Spatial RNA Sequencing of the Human Liver Identifies Cholangiocyte and Mesenchymal HeterogeneityA molecular cell atlas of the human lung from single cell RNA sequencingImmunophenotyping of COVID-19 and influenza highlights the role of type I interferons in development of severe COVID-19Single-cell transcriptomics of the human retinal pigment epithelium and choroid in health and macular degenerationSingle-Cell RNAseq analysis of diffuse neoplastic infiltrating cells at the migrating front of human glioblastomaA single-cell transcriptome atlas of the adult human retinaIntegrated scRNA-Seq Identifies Human Postnatal Thymus Seeding Progenitors and Regulatory Dynamics of Differentiating Immature ThymocytesSingle-cell gene expression profiling of SARS-CoV-2 infected human cell linesHCA kidney seed network: University of MichiganSingle-cell longitudinal analysis of SARS-CoV-2 infection in human bronchial epithelial cellsSingle-cell transcriptomic atlas of the human retina identifies cell types associated with age-related macular degenerationSingle-cell transcriptomes of the human skin reveal age-related loss of fibroblast primingSingle-cell transcriptomics of human T cells reveals tissue and activation signatures in health and diseaseSingle-cell RNA-seq reveals the cell-type-specific molecular and genetic associations to lupusSingle-Cell Analysis of Human Pancreas Reveals Transcriptional Signatures of Aging and Somatic Mutation PatternsLungMAP — Human data from a broad age healthy donor groupTabula Muris SenisA Web Portal and Workbench for Biological Dissection of Single Cell COVID-19 Host ResponsesImpaired local intrinsic immunity to SARS-CoV-2 infection in severe COVID-19HTAN VUMC - Differential pre-malignant programs and microenvironment chart distinct paths to malignancy in human colorectal polypsHTAN MSK - Single cell profiling reveals novel tumor and myeloid subpopulations in small cell lung cancerStress-induced RNA–chromatin interactions promote endothelial dysfunctionSingle-cell reconstruction of follicular remodeling in the human adult ovaryDNA Methylation Atlas of the Mouse Brain at Single-Cell ResolutionConstruction of a human cell landscape at single-cell levelMolecular characterization of selectively vulnerable neurons in Alzheimer's DiseaseSingle cell RNA sequencing of follicular lymphomaLongitudinal profiling of respiratory and systemic immune responses reveals myeloid cell-driven lung inflammation in severe COVID-19Early role for a Na+,K+-ATPase (ATP1A3) in brain developmentMassively multiplex chemical transcriptomics at single-cell resolutionMuraro PancreasLungMAP — The genomic, epigenomic and biophysical cues controlling the emergence of the gas exchange niche in the lung.Spatiotemporal analysis of human intestinal development at single-cell resolutionSingle cell RNA sequencing of CD19 CAR T-cell infusion productsSpatial multi-omic map of human myocardial infarctionCell Types of the Human Retina and Its Organoids at Single-Cell ResolutionPhenotypic variation of transcriptomic cell types in mouse motor cortexSingle-cell proteo-genomic reference maps of the hematopoietic system enable the purification and massive profiling of precisely defined cell statesA transcriptomic atlas of the mouse cerebellum reveals regional specializations and novel cell typesCellular heterogeneity of human fallopian tubes in normal and hydrosalpinx disease states identified by scRNA-seqCells of the human intestinal tract mapped across space and timeA cell atlas of human thymic development defines T cell repertoire formationHigh Resolution Slide-seqV2 Spatial Transcriptomics Enables Discovery of Disease-Specific Cell Neighborhoods and PathwaysCells of the adult human heartCross-tissue immune cell analysis reveals tissue-specific features in humansscRNA-seq assessment of the human lung, spleen, and esophagus tissue stability after cold preservationSingle-cell reconstruction of the early maternal–fetal interface in humansIntra- and Inter-cellular Rewiring of the Human Colon during Ulcerative ColitisSingle-cell analysis of human B cell maturation predicts how antibody class switching shapes selection dynamicsIntegrated analysis of multimodal single-cell dataMultiomics single-cell analysis of human pancreatic islets reveals novel cellular states in health and type 1 diabetesSampling peripheral blood and matched nasal swabs from donors with prior immunodeficiencies and autoimmune conditions infected with SARS-CoV-2Single cell RNA sequencing of human liver reveals distinct intrahepatic macrophage populationsTabula SapiensSingle-cell multiome of the human retina and deep learning nominate causal variants in complex eye diseasesSingle-cell eQTL mapping identifies cell type specific genetic control of autoimmune diseaseHarmonized single-cell landscape, intercellular crosstalk and tumor architecture of glioblastomaIdentification of distinct tumor cell populations and key genetic mechanisms through single cell sequencing in hepatoblastomaLocal and systemic responses to SARS-CoV-2 infection in children and adultsMouse pancreatic islet scRNA-seq atlas across sexes, ages, and stress conditions including diabetesA blood atlas of COVID-19 defines hallmarks of disease severity and specificitySingle-Cell Sequencing of Developing Human Gut Reveals Transcriptional Links to Childhood Crohn’s DiseaseDistinct microbial and immune niches of the human colonSingle-cell transcriptome analysis reveals differential nutrient absorption functions in human intestineSingle-cell transcriptomic atlas for adult human retina