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CELLxGENE is a suite of tools that help scientists to find, download, explore, analyze, annotate, and publish single cell datasets. It includes several powerful tools with various features to help you to engage with single cell data.

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Find and download any of the data sets published on CELLxGENE.

Main Tasks: Find Public Data, Download Public Datasets


Once you find a published dataset of interest on CELLxGENE Discover, you can click on the explore button below the dataset description to explore the cells of that dataset using the CELLxGENE Explorer.

Main Tasks: Explore & Analyze Individual Public Datasets

Gene Expression

Gene Expression allows for exploration of gene expression by cell type across all data sets in the CELLxGENE Discover data corpus. It is currently in beta.

Main Tasks: Explore & Analyze Multiple Data Sets in the Public Data Corpus


A PyPI package to explore and annotate single cell datasets you upload into the tool and explore unpublished single cell data.

Main Tasks: Analyze & Annotate Private Data, Share & Analyze Private Datasets

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