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Available Tissues in Gene Expression

Tissues from all data that passed the pre-processing filters are included in Gene Expression.

Tissue annotations provided by the original contributors are mapped to the closest UBERON term and come in different levels of granularity. For example, data from the heart may come from the these annotations:

  • Heart
  • Apex of Heart
  • Heart Left Ventricle
  • Heart Right Ventricle

For increased usability we have grouped and concatenated data from related tissues so that dot plots show gene expression across all of their cell types in a single view. In the example above, all data from those tissue annotations will be shown under "Heart".

The table below shows the current tissue mapping as of September, 2022.

Tissue shown Original annotation
adipose tissue adipose tissue
adipose tissue subcutaneous adipose tissue
adrenal gland adrenal gland
axilla axilla
bladder organ bladder organ
blood blood
blood venous blood
bone marrow bone marrow
brain telencephalon
brain dorsolateral prefrontal cortex
brain parietal cortex
brain brain
brain cerebellum
brain middle temporal gyrus
brain left frontal lobe
brain right temporal lobe
brain right frontal lobe
brain forebrain
brain temporal lobe
brain right parietal lobe
brain frontal lobe
brain right occipital lobe
brain basal ganglion
brain parietal lobe
brain occipital lobe
brain primary visual cortex
brain orbitofrontal cortex
brain anterior cingulate cortex
brain hippocampal formation
brain left temporal lobe
brain prefrontal cortex
brain primary somatosensory cortex
brain superior frontal gyrus
brain temporal cortex
brain primary motor cortex
brain entorhinal cortex
breast breast
breast upper outer quadrant of breast
colon colon
colon transverse colon
colon caecum
colon sigmoid colon
embryo medial ganglionic eminence
embryo caudal ganglionic eminence
endocrine gland thymus
esophagus esophagus muscularis mucosa
esophagus epithelium of esophagus
exocrine gland submandibular gland
exocrine gland parotid gland
exocrine gland mammary gland
eye pigment epithelium of eye
eye retinal neural layer
eye cornea
eye eye
eye conjunctiva
eye sclera
eye retina
eye peripheral region of retina
eye fovea centralis
eye macula lutea proper
fallopian tube fallopian tube
fallopian tube isthmus of fallopian tube
fallopian tube ampulla of uterine tube
fallopian tube fimbria of uterine tube
heart interventricular septum
heart anterior wall of left ventricle
heart heart right ventricle
heart left cardiac atrium
heart heart
heart coronary artery
heart right cardiac atrium
heart cardiac ventricle
heart cardiac atrium
heart heart left ventricle
heart apex of heart
intestine intestine
kidney outer medulla of kidney
kidney inner medulla of kidney
kidney renal medulla
kidney kidney blood vessel
kidney renal glomerulus
kidney cortex of kidney
kidney renal pelvis
kidney renal papilla
kidney kidney
lamina propria lamina propria
large intestine large intestine
liver liver
liver caudate lobe of liver
lung lung parenchyma
lung lower lobe of left lung
lung lingula of left lung
lung lung epithelium
lung lung
lymph node inguinal lymph node
lymph node bronchopulmonary lymph node
lymph node mesenteric lymph node
lymph node cervical lymph node
lymph node lymph node
lymph node peripheral lymph node
lymph node thoracic lymph node
mucosa mucosa
musculature gastrocnemius
musculature muscle of pelvic diaphragm
musculature muscle tissue
musculature muscle organ
musculature muscle of abdomen
musculature limb muscle
musculature skeletal muscle tissue
musculature rectus abdominis muscle
nose nasal cavity
nose nose
omentum omentum
ovary ovary
pancreas exocrine pancreas
pancreas endocrine pancreas
pancreas pancreas
pancreas islet of Langerhans
placenta placenta
pleural fluid pleural effusion
prostate gland peripheral zone of prostate
prostate gland prostate gland
prostate gland transition zone of prostate
respiratory system trachea
respiratory system respiratory airway
respiratory system respiratory tract epithelium
respiratory system bronchus
respiratory system bronchoalveolar duct junction
saliva saliva
skeletal system bone spine
skin of body skin of body
skin of body zone of skin
skin of body skin of leg
skin of body skin of chest
skin of body skin of abdomen
small intestine duodenum
small intestine duodeno-jejunal junction
small intestine small intestine
small intestine ileum
small intestine jejunal epithelium
spleen spleen
stomach stomach
tongue posterior part of tongue
tongue anterior part of tongue
tongue tongue
urethra urethra
urinary bladder bladder lumen
uterus myometrium
uterus endometrium
uterus uterus
vasculature mesenteric artery
vasculature aorta
vasculature vasculature
UBERON:0000966 (organoid) UBERON:0000966 (organoid)
UBERON:0000995 (organoid) UBERON:0000995 (organoid)
UBERON:0002048 (organoid) UBERON:0002048 (organoid)